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Difference Between An escort and A Prostitute

The sex industry as we know it is not one thing but a collection of different job roles that people opt for although it is a single community. Many people think that a prostitute and escorts serve the same purpose but it is the opposite of what people think. An escort is more for an adult entertainment purpose whereas a prostitute is someone you get intimate to fulfill your sexual desires. Along with this, there are sex trafficked victims who are known as prostitutes but they don’t come under the sex workers as they are forced into this profession.

The San Francisco Examiner
Image Source : The San Francisco Examiner

If you want to understand how escort and prostitutes are different, then you have to remove all the assumptions from your mind. The escorts can go to anyplace with you, be your date and will do all kind of sensual activities for you that you desire whereas prostitutes are just paid for casual sex nothing else

Escorts are well-trained professionals who know their job very well. To hire an escort you have to make online and offline bookings through various escort agencies whereas a prostitute can be picked from the streets or brothels.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and see how the things are managed in the sex industry.

Working in a Brothel

  1. People normally come to brothel looking for sex
  2. Less engagement and no other kind of adult activity
  3. You can stay on the streets and wait for customers to pick you up.
  4. There are boundaries and there is no personal or private life as such of a prostitute

Working As An Escort

  1. It is primarily focused on private adult entertainment activities
  2. People with a desire to hire escorts look for a dinner date, a partner for night outs, a travel companion with whom they can spend their weekends
  3. An escort is independent to take all the decisions and can decide with whom they want to spend their time.
  4. There is no budget constraint as the escorts have no limited price for adult services. They can charge whatever they feel is right


To know more about the sex industry, I interviewed some Manchester escorts and they shared some interesting facts about the adult entertainment industry. They said that they are not bound to the escort work and can retire whenever they want to. They can complete their education, start their own business and even travel wherever they want and whenever they want. Manchester Escort Agencies are known for the respect they have towards their models and clients. They make sure the escorts are treated well and always focus on their safety


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